January To - Do List - Totally Downloadable

Howdy gardening pals!

Your friendly neighborhood gardeners here!

The crew at EZBFG have been watching this year fly by. Even by the closing of the second week of January, flower buds have already started to form, bulbs have sprouted, and the days have become noticeably longer.

This may be winter, but spring feels so near.

Are you ready for it?

Here are a couple of January definites you should be doing to help you keep up with the season. ——>

As always, we at EZ BioFriendly Gardens and Landscapes help homeowners like you work in collaboration with nature to achieve your dream yard by doing lots of little things at a slow and steady pace. We are on a mission to rescue you from an overwhelming growing season because we believe if you have fun in your garden you will want to garden more and more and more and more and more….

So, from all of us here at EZBFG, may the work books be slightly coffee stained, the reference books dog-eared, and the longer days full of promise.