Have you heard?

The predictions are in - Cliff Mass, our resident weather reader, has reviewed the data, and he has spoken: Winter is coming. Or at least our seasonal rain cloud is set to nest right above us for the next 4 months starting this coming Wednesday. Brace yourselves for a strong Jet Stream to kick off our famous infinity rain. Check out CliffMass.BlogSpot.com for more info (love that guy).

The weather here typically changes in the third week of October, yet so many of us are unprepared for the changing season. Examples :

Tell me the truth -

  • How bare is your soil?

    • Do you have swathes and patches of bare soil because you’ve raked the leaves off and did some fall weeding?

  • Have your tender annuals died back yet and left you with a blank spot in the garden?

  • Did you covercrop with winter plants to rejuvenate and protect your soil?

  • Did you use liquid fertilizer instead of slow release granulated fertilizer? Yes, there is a difference.

  • What about your soil tests?

Okay, okay, okay, I’m not trying to overwhelm you. There’s a lot to be done before the winter rains really set in, and it’s okay to run behind a little bit. Catching up is as easy as throwing down the proper granulated fertilizer with a layer of leaves, followed by a cardboard sheet mulch.

Winterizing your yard is just as important as winterizing your house. Do you live on a slope? Notice any cracks in your walkways or patios? Any separation of concrete which use to be flush? You can thank the winter rains pounding down and displacing your soil downhill for that bit of expensive property damage. How about flooding in the yard? Who knows what kind of toxins are pooling up and sitting in those couple of spots for the entirety of winter? Also, a consistently wet soil is an acidic soil, and acidic soils are more difficult to bring back to neutral than alkaline soils are.

Look, the crew at EZ BioFriendly Gardens and Landscapes have a variety of backgrounds and lots of experience meeting the needs of the land. We’ve seen plenty of rainy day mishaps and have figured out a lot of wrong ways to do stuff. And the easiest way to make it through the fall and winter is to not go it alone. Whatever is on your fall clean up and to-do list, we’re with you.

We at EZBFGLandscapes help homeowners maintain the health of their land by providing guided care for a regenerative landscape so that we can all enjoy a greener world. We believe in changing *with* the seasons because we know how expensive seasonal stagnation can become.

May the coffee by warming, the books interesting, and the gentle tapping of rain on the window be a constant source of peace.

Happy Fall, my friends.


The EZBFG Crew